Wolff Energy Solutions – Your trusted Solar Electricians in Sumner Park

Solar Energy is proving to be a blessing for homeowners, business owners, and government departments across the world. The reason is simple – The effectiveness of Solar in comparison to conventional energy sources has now been established beyond any doubt, especially with our climate in sunny Queensland!

Opting to install Solar at your residential or commercial premises has never been more affordable!

To ensure that you can maximise your benefit from this decision, you need our expert Solar Electricians in Sumner Park. Wolff Energy Solutions offers high quality, no obligation Solar energy solutions. Ranging from new installations, through to ongoing maintenance and replacement Solar panels or PV systems.

Why Choose Wolff Energy Solutions – Solar Panel Installer Sumner Park?

  • We offer a professional service and advice based on the requirements of the Clean Energy Council and the associated Australian Standards.
  • Our specialised design software can provide you with a full cost analysis and return on investment calculation!
  • We are Clean Energy Council accredited and trained Solar Electricians in Sumner Park, with years of hands-on experience to give you the peace of mind that your project will be completed in a compliant and safe manner.
  • We carry out our own in-house installations – NO SUB-CONTRACTORS.

Our key strengths

  • Proven track record and quality assurance.
  • Locally owned and managed Electrical Contracting business.
  • Use of advanced technology and modernized equipment.
  • Accredited Master Electricians and Clean Energy Council Installers.

How we undertake the work?

  • Carry out an initial assessment and provide a full proposal tailored to each specific client.
  • Upon approval, we arrange a suitable installation date and submit Energex Solar meter alteration applications.
  • Our Technicians complete the installation in a professional manner, leaving no rubbish behind!
  • We guide you through how the system operates and how to complete the shutdown procedure.
  • Finally, we complete all paperwork and you can start enjoying your new drastically decreased Electricity bill.

Trust Wolff Energy Solutions to deliver a tailored Solar solution to suit your specific requirements. We are looking forward to working with you on your journey to break free from your ever-increasing electricity bill!